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Bridgepoint Flex ICE 2.72Kg Powdered Neutralising Extraction Acid Rinse 6LBS


Makes up to 1800L of ready-to-use solution.

Powdered Neutralizing Extraction Rinse

The goal in delivering Flex ICE to the market was to make an extraction compound so complete that no other product would ever be needed. No matter what pre-spray is used, and no matter the carpet or upholstery fibre, Flex ICE leaves the fibre exquisitely clean and at a neutral pH. Since it brings down the pH, and doesn’t leave a resoiling residue, the carpet will stay soft to the touch without a soapy residue feel.

With a majority of professional cleaners using the Hydro-Force™ injection sprayer or similar devices, there has been a concern about an acid side pH rinse taking down the cleaning power of an alkaline prespray. Flex ICE has been tested and proven to not diminish the cleaning strength of the prespray when using a Hydro-Force sprayer. In fact, it is reported it actually adds to the cleaning ability.

Flex ICE is actually good for your equipment. Not only will it keep hard water scaling from forming in the solution lines, it has special additives that protects steel, brass and copper. It has been tested over hundreds of hours of use with no deterioration to metals.

Your dream cleaning emulsifier is now here! Flex ICE sets a new standard for best overall value of any rinse products on the market.

  • HIGH CLEANING POWER – Flex ICE will surpass all other acidic extraction agents, while rivaling the cleaning effectiveness of the best alkaline formulas, due to its excellent soil suspension and removal capabilities. The result will be reduced cleaning times and very satisfied customers.
  • EFFECTIVE NEUTRALIZING RINSE – Designed for free rinsing and cleaning with all pre-sprays, including high pH products like Flex Powder with Citrus Solv. This neutralization improves the bonding and performance of protectors and reduces problems associated with browning, bleeding and re-soiling.
  • HIGHLY VERSATILE – Safe to use on all carpet and fiber types including wool.
  • HIGH CONCENTRATE, LOW COST – When compared to other acid rinses, Flex ICE will save money. Flex ICE is a 100% active powdered formulation resulting in more carpets being cleaned at a lower cost than liquid rinses.
  • EASY MIXING Dissolves quickly in cold or hot water.
  • NON-RESOILING – With the advanced formulation of Flex ICE, any remaining residue will not attract soil.
  • EQUIPMENT SAFE Flex ICE has special additives that help limit corrosion and buildup in the extractor or truck mount. It’s actually good for your equipment.








Introducing Bridgepoint Flex Ice Powdered Neutralising Extraction Acid Rinse

Bridgepoint Flex Ice is a high-quality powdered neutralising extraction acid rinse designed to effectively remove alkaline residues from carpets and upholstery. With a weight of 2.72kg (6lbs), this product is perfect for professional cleaning applications.

Powerful Neutralising Action

Bridgepoint Flex Ice is specially formulated to neutralise alkaline residues left behind after the cleaning process. Its powerful acid-based formula helps to restore the pH balance of carpets and upholstery, ensuring that they are left clean, fresh, and residue-free.

Enhanced Cleaning Performance

When used as part of a regular cleaning routine, Bridgepoint Flex Ice can significantly enhance the cleaning performance of other cleaning agents. By removing alkaline residues, it allows subsequent cleaning solutions to work more effectively, resulting in cleaner and brighter carpets and upholstery.

Bridgepoint Flex Ice is easy to use. Simply mix the required amount of powder with water, following the recommended dilution ratio. Apply the solution to the carpet or upholstery using a sprayer or extraction machine, and then extract as usual. The acid rinse will effectively neutralise any alkaline residues, leaving behind a clean and fresh surface.

Trust Bridgepoint Flex Ice for all your professional cleaning needs. Its powerful neutralising action and enhanced cleaning performance make it the perfect choice for maintaining the cleanliness and longevity of carpets and upholstery.


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