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Mini UV ULTRA VIOLET 9 LED Flashlight


Mini UV ULTRA VIOLET 9 LED Flashlight

Introducing the Mini UV Ultra Violet 9 LED Flashlight Torch

Illuminate your surroundings with the Mini UV Ultra Violet 9 LED Flashlight Torch. This compact and portable lighting tool is designed for outdoor enthusiasts and professionals seeking a reliable source of UV light. Crafted with durable aluminum, this flashlight is built to withstand the rigors of outdoor adventures.

Powerful UV Illumination

Equipped with 9 high-intensity LED bulbs, this flashlight emits a powerful UV light that is perfect for a variety of applications. Whether you’re detecting counterfeit money, inspecting hotel rooms for cleanliness, or searching for scorpions in the dark, this UV flashlight will provide you with the illumination you need.

Waterproof and Versatile

Designed to withstand the elements, the Mini UV Ultra Violet 9 LED Flashlight Torch is waterproof, making it suitable for rainy conditions or underwater exploration. Its compact size and lightweight design make it easy to carry in your pocket or backpack, ensuring that you always have a reliable UV light source at your fingertips.

With its sturdy construction and powerful UV illumination, the Mini UV Ultra Violet 9 LED Flashlight Torch is the perfect tool for outdoor enthusiasts, professionals, and anyone in need of a portable and reliable source of UV light. Order yours today and experience the convenience and versatility of this exceptional flashlight.



This is a UV ultra violet LED flashlight with 9 LED bulbs. Its aluminium body makes it lightweight and portable. It also has a service life of up to 10,000 hours. It is perfect for camping, outdoors, around the house and many other uses. The listing picture features an actual LICE EGG on a strand of hair made fluorescent by our UV Flashlight.

Perfect for:

Lice Egg or Nit Detection (Egg and Nits Flouresce for easy Finding)

Detecting Bed Bugs

Checking ultraviolet inks in currency and ID’s

Check credit cards- Discover Cards have “NOVUS”, MasterCard have “M C”, and Visa has V or an eagle in UV ink.

Activation of fluorescent inks/dyes used as anti-counterfeiting measures

Checking hand stamps at clubs

Examining artwork and glasswork for hidden repairs

Scan a crime scene for foreign materials

Finding Scorpions in your yard, house or the Desert.

Curing UV Glue

Illuminates Fluorescent Minerals


9 LEDs UV Light, low power consumption, ultra-bright, visible over a long distance

Require 3 x AAA Alkaline batteries (not included)

Switch type: Press on, press off from rear cap

Flashlight made of a strong and lightweight aluminium case

Lightweight, compact and easy to carry

The water resistance design is for use on rainy days

Colour: Black

It is great for checking notes, credit cards, fluorescent inks (invisible inks), cracked glassware, or even crime scenes.

Light bulb type: UV Light

Operating voltage: 4.5V

Number of LED: 9

Battery Type: 3 x AAA Alkaline batteries

Size: 3.3inch x 0.9inch

Weight: 1 ounce (not including batteries)


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