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Flex Tape 10cm x 1.5m Roll Black


Flex Tape 10cm x 1.5m Roll Black

Need to patch on the move? The Flex Tape 10cm x 1.5 m Roll is a super strong waterproof tape that can patch, bond, seal and repair virtually anything. Specially formulated with a thick, flexible, rubberised backing, Flex Tape® conforms to any shape or object, sealing air, water and moisture. It can be used on various surfaces and is VOC-free and environmentally friendly. It can also be applied on hot, cold, wet or dry surfaces – even working underwater. Flex Tape®’s bond gets stronger with time and pressure than other tapes. So, whether you’re doing repairs around the house, in your car, boat, or building from scratch, Flex Tape® has you covered.

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Introducing Flex Tape – The Ultimate Solution for Repairs

Are you tired of dealing with leaks, cracks, and tears? Look no further than Flex Tape, the revolutionary adhesive tape that can fix almost anything. With its incredible strength and flexibility, Flex Tape is the ultimate solution for all your repair needs.

Unparalleled Strength and Durability

Flex Tape has a strong and durable adhesive that creates a waterproof seal. Whether you’re dealing with a leaky pipe, a cracked surface, or a torn fabric, Flex Tape can handle it all. Its powerful bond can withstand extreme temperatures, making it perfect for indoor and outdoor use.

Easy to Use

Using Flex Tape is as simple as peeling, sticking, and sealing. Cut the tape to the desired size, remove the backing, and apply it to the surface you want to repair. The adhesive instantly creates a tight seal that will hold up against water, air, and moisture—no need to worry about messy glue or complicated tools.

Flex Tape comes in a convenient 10cm x 1.5m roll, providing enough tape to tackle multiple repairs. The black colour ensures a discreet and seamless finish, blending in with most surfaces. Whether you’re fixing a leaky gutter, repairing a broken hose, or patching up a torn tarp, Flex Tape is the go-to solution.

Don’t let leaks and cracks get the best of you. Invest in Flex Tape and experience the power of this incredible adhesive tape. Say goodbye to costly repairs and hello to a seamless, waterproof seal. Order your roll of Flex Tape today and be prepared for any repair emergency.


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